• Great News from Tim Erickson! See below!

    Many of you have expressed an interest in supporting this pioneering research, and I have some excellent news to share. ThyCa is now accepting donations to support the In Vivo MTC Cell Therapy Study, whereby the therapy will be tested in mice with implanted MTC tumors. Fully tax-deductible donations can be made on ThyCa's website here:
    In order to make sure that 100% of your donation goes to the MTC Cell Therapy fund, please indicate so by doing the following.
    1) Under the tab My Contribution is For please select Medullary Thyroid Cancer Research
    Under the Occasion heading select:
    2) My donation is for a special occasion.
    3)Then under the Describe your Occasion box enter: MTC Cell Therapy
    Alternatively, donations can be made by good old fashioned check via this instruction form. Just indicate MTC Cell Therapy on the memo line.
    As ThyCa is a 501c3, proceeds are 100% tax-deductible and 100% of funds will go toward running a "mouse clinical trial" to formally test this therapy in vivo. I will share the data in real-time via Facebook as it comes in.
    As the MTC-killing "T cells robots" worked beautifully in a petri dish directly lysing MTC tumor cells, my hope is that they will fully eradicate tumors in mice, and that this study will provide proof-of-concept data to move toward a clinical trial. This is the final leg of the research journey that I have been on since my Stage IVa diagnosis in 2014, and I would profoundly appreciate your support toward developing this novel and potentially curative therapy for MTC.
    Tim Erickson, Meddie PhD

    Christy Schwitzer
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